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An innovative program to help individuals and businesses save on electricity costs will be available to residents of Salisbury, Rowan County and the surrounding area until the end of the year.

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by Rebecca Rider

National Environmental Summit Speakers Encourage Creative Problem-solving

Students attending the 2015 National Environmental Summit for High School Students at Catawba College heard two Catawba alumni talk about the importance of using creative solutions to environmental problems. The summit, designed to help students explore how they can use their interests and talents to make a difference in the world, is a partnership of the Center for the Environment at Catawba College, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) of Colorado and Environmental Working Group, headquartered in Washington, DC. 

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by Rebecca Rider

Speaker encourages youth to be a force for change

The fifth year of the National Environmental Summit for High School Students, hosted by the Center for the Environment at Catawba College, kicked off on Tuesday, July 7, with keynote speaker Heather White. Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group, an environmental advocacy organization, White spoke to this year's crop of students about how one person can make a difference. 

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by Juanita Teschner

Catawba’s Sustainable Garden Grows to 15 Beds

The Catawba College sustainable garden now has 15 beds full of tomatoes, kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, carrots, beets, strawberries, corn, lettuce and spinach. 

Recent graduates Sloan Kessler and Jonathan Buffkin initiated the idea in the 2013-2014 academic year, and Environmental Stewards Forest Fugate and Joel Schlaudt have assumed leadership positions this year.

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by Juanita Teschner

Catawba Completes Phase I of Premier Solar Project

Catawba College has completed Phase I of its solar installation, which will ultimately provide nearly one megawatt of solar electricity for the campus. The eight new solar electric systems will produce more solar electricity than that produced by all the other colleges and universities in North Carolina combined.

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by Rebecca Rider

Catawba Students Start Beekeeping Project

The Environmental Stewards at Catawba College have started a new project—beekeeping. Catawba now has three active hives for honeybees. The project is headed by Environmental Steward and Catawba College junior Joel Schlaudt.

Schlaudt became interested in beekeeping after learning about the decline of bee pollinators in class.  He wanted to bolster the local population and provide a space for education about bees. Many people are scared of bees and being stung, Schlaudt explained, but it's the result of misunderstanding.

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by Rebecca Rider

Bikes at Catawba

Bikes are becoming increasingly popular at Catawba College.

Last year the Center for the Environment's Environmental Stewards encouraged Catawba students to conserve water in their dorms. Students voted to use the savings to purchase bicycles for the campus.

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