Transportation Ideas and Resources

Our choices for transportation can affect our Nation's energy footprint and have an impact on our health and well-being, too.


  1. Create a No Idling Campaign and take the No Idling Pledge to reduce unnecessary fuel usage and air pollution at your School
  2. Literature, posters, flyers, newsletters and other educational materials promote walking, biking carpooling, and riding public transit to school,
  3. Green transportation related contests, events and field trips are held at the school
  4. The School encourages presentations about transportation choices to be given at orientations, classrooms, staff meetings and PTA events,
  5. The Schools supports a ride-matching system to assist families and/or staff to help develop carpool, bike and walk-to school groups,
  6. Carpool lanes are install to incentivize multi modal transportation uses,
  7. Bike and walk safety programs, like the Walking School Bus, are incorporated at the school,
  8. The students wage a campaign to reduce individual vehicle miles  and daily car counts at the school
  9. The School's bikers and walkers have increase due to school campaigns.