School Sustainability

A school seeking to become sustainable starts by understanding that it is a part of a whole interconnected system.  It models future where current needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  A sustainable school not only shows what we can do now to be better stewards, but sets the stage for even greater opportunities. A sustainable school recognizes that its campus can be a living laboratory, engaging the vibrant minds of our students in ideas and activities that can lead them to finding the solutions to the complex environmental issues we face.  

For the purposes of this program, school sustainability is designated as the physical elements that we must steward to provide for ourselves and to conserve for the future. People are the primary drivers of that stewardship, so how we treat one another is an important component as is our ability to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Lots of resources in this arena!


Energy conservation behaviors related specifically to electricity use are relatively easy practices to implement and have an enormous impact on the environment.

Energy Ideas and Resources

Water Conservation

Conserving water in everyday actions can have a huge impact on the campus footprint and help preserve NC's precious resource.

Water Conservation Ideas and Resources

Solid Waste

Recycling, reusing and reducing the materials used in schools is typically the initial practice that engages students and staff to develop conservation habits that last a lifetime.

Solid Waste Ideas and Resources


Our choices for transportation can affect our Nation's energy footprint and have an impact on our health and well-being, too.

Transportation Ideas and Resources