Solid Waste Ideas and Resources

Recycling, reusing and reducing the materials used in schools is typically the initial practice that engages students and staff to develop conservation habits that last a lifetime.


  1. Posters, coloring books and other materials are used in classrooms to educate about reusing, reducing and recycling.
  2. Waste reduction videos as played in classes or assemblies.
  3. Students help design projects using waste materials.
  4. The school starts a campaign to collect hard to recycle items like cell phones and batteries. Start a Terracycle Brigades program.
  5. Classrooms and students develop regular practices and policies to reduce waste.
  6. Every classroom and office has a paper recycling bin that is managed by the students themselves.
  7. Waste reduction goals are set, monitored  and documented.
  8. Students and staff work collaboratively to implement creative and costs savings approaches to materials use and waste reduction.
  9. Students research reusable food trays and make a proposal to the school administration to show environmental impacts of options.
  10. Students develop a Waste Free Lunch program and Waste Free Lunch Weekday.