Service Learning Resources

Service Learning is a strategy that combines meaningful community service with curriculum and personal reflection.


  1. Students perform voluntary community service projects.
  2. The ecology club participates in an annual river clean up.
  3. At least one project or unit of study involves a mentoring relationship within the school community.
  4. A class room works regularly with a non-school community partner to support a community service project.
  5. "Kids-teaching kids" is a regular component of the school community life.
  6. A School Green Team engages in a once a year project for the whole school.
  7.  A school can cite a number of service related projects across different themes that they participated in during the year.
  8. individuals and student groups are actively supported in taking leadership roles for their school and community projects,
  9. Students are active on a Green Team and meet at least monthly to implement projects.
  10. Students volunteer at different community organizations at least once a month.
  11. Students play an active role in planning community wide events.
  12. Students routinely work directly with the adult decision makers to implement green school projects.