Responsible Citizenship Resources

Students learn about the history of this country, local and national government structures and the roles and responsibilities of being a citizen. 


  1. Students map their local community identifying public offices, common areas, parks, etc.
  2. Students are introduced to the roles and responsibilities of citizenship by a classroom visit from a local community government official.
  3. Students engage in curriculum that show the impact of one person's actions as a multiplier for community impact.
  4. Students study the history of individuals who have had impact on society.
  5. Students are visited by a local person who has made impact on their community.
  6. Local government meetings are monitored and are a topic for classroom discussion.
  7. Local issues are researched and are the foundation for projects.
  8. Students develop and present an impact plan to their local community on a topic of relevance.
  9. A student green team presents to a local government body on conservation.
  10. Students present and participate in a community conversation on diversity.
  11. Students are included on committees making decision for the school and/or local community.