Transcripts of Presentations Given at the Center


Greenways: Connecting People and Places

I’d like for you to think of one common thing as I go through my presentation tonight, and that is: What kind of community do we want to live in? What comprises that community and how do we interact with it and what are the contributions that we can make? I think those are the central questions for most American communities today.

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Speech by Pat McCrory, Mayor of the City of Charlotte

Not only do we as politicians now say we are in this together, The EPA just announced we’re in this together regarding attainment. The only attainment area up until last year was Gaston County and Mecklenburg County. That was it. We had our measuring things and the EPA would come down and say, “You’re over. You can no longer build roads, Charlotte.” They did that three years ago. They did that to Atlanta and cut everything off for a long time until the governor took over all regional planning.

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