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11/28/16 by Guest Writer

John Daniels Talks of Coal Ash Uses

By Hannah Davis

When most people think about coal ash, they probably have a negative aspect associated with it, such as rivers running with black sludge, or the potential for ground water contamination. But when Dr. John Daniels, chair of the Duke Energy National Ash Management Advisory Board, hears the word coal ash, he thinks of opportunity. 

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11/10/16 by Guest Writer

Erin Brockovich Charges Audience to be Inspirers of Change

By Hannah Davis

Nearly 1,000 people gathered in Keppel Auditorium November 7 to hear famed consumer advocate Erin Brockovich. The Center for the Environment orchestrated the event, which garnered a larger audience than any other event the Center has hosted. 

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11/02/16 by Guest Writer

Erhlich & Myers: Pollution & Overpopulation Causing Sixth Extinction Episode

By Hannah Davis

“We’re exterminating species at about 1,000 times the rate” that we used to, Dr. Pete Myers said on October 20 at the Center for the Environment.

Myers and Dr. Paul Ehrlich spoke to a crowd of around 200 people about how pollution and overpopulation are causing what they are coining as the “6th extinction episode” and the “second mass extinction event.”

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10/16/16 by Guest Writer

Plastic Pollution Alternatives and Solutions

By Hannah Davis

As an artist, Dianna Cohen’s medium of choice is, unconventionally, the plastic bag. Cohen’s inspiration for using plastic bags came from the sense that she was “transforming a material that we think of as waste … and turning it into gold.” 

While creating with this medium, she started to learn more about plastic bags and, in turn, about the effects of single-use plastics on the environment. This led Cohen to co-found Plastic Pollution Coalition – a coalition of around 500 different groups whose main focus is plastic pollution clean-up and education. 

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