Center for the Environment's First EnviroMingle© Draws Green-minded Crowd

02/15/10 by Staff Writer

A total of 85 came to first EnviroMingle©

Mothers who have a keen interest in buying local produce for their families talked to bankers who know that dirty air has economic implications. Doctors who treat people with respiratory diseases chatted with business people who are working to make their companies energy-efficient.

A total of 85 “green-minded” people gathered Feb. 11 at the Blue Vine in downtown Salisbury for the first EnviroMingle© hosted by the Center for the Environment. They came from as far away as Burlington – everyone from an owner of an award-winning “green” screen printing company to newspaper writers and citizens who wanted to know more about sustainable living.

“We wanted to bring together all the people who have worked as volunteers, who have given their time and money to support the Center’s activities,” said Executive Director John Wear. “We also wanted to bring together those who might want to learn more about our work. “People shared their ideas with us and learned about what we do,” Wear said. “And I think everybody had a really good time getting to know others who share common values.”

Businesses and organizations in the region have already offered to hold future EnviroMingles©. For more information on the next events, go to

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