NC Green Schools Hosts Learning Event for Teachers

NC Green Schools offered workshops on school gardens and renewable energy for the classroom at the NC Green Schools Learning Event in Boone on July 18.

The event, which was sponsored by the Appalachian Energy Summit and the Center for the Environment, allowed participants to share ideas as they learned how to incorporate practical lessons into their classrooms and schoolyards.

Courtney Baines-Smith, Lettuce Learn director and Watauga High School environmental science teacher, and Shannon Carroll, Parkway School garden coordinator, taught the workshop titled “Schoolyard Ecology: Food, Flowers and Fun!” Participants took away lesson plan ideas for science and English/language arts classes as well as technology tools for schoolyard gardening projects.

Carla Ramsdell, an advanced lecturer in the Appalachian State University Department of Physics and Astronomy, taught “It’s Electric! Renewable Energy for the Classroom.” Participants learned how to teach the basics of electricity and creative ways to use natural energy sources like the sun, wind and water for energy. The teachers learned how to incorporate this material, including a hands-on wind turbine design competition, creative brainstorming and a solar cooking project into their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) classrooms.

“We are very excited to host our first NC Green Schools workshops for educators and be part of the Appalachian Energy Summit,” says NC Green Schools Program Coordinator Katie Cavert Ferrell. “From pre-K to high school, from garden coordinators to STEM teachers, these folks from across the state are bypassing a day of summer break to come together to learn and share sustainability education practices. That’s dedication.

“The instructors really made the workshops fun, hands-on and interactive, and these teachers are now prepared to implement some awesome lessons back home, whether growing a fall garden at their school or boosting engineering and renewable energy concepts in their science classes,” Cavert Ferrell says.

Participants gave the event high marks. One teacher said: “It’s exciting to think that all of this useful information will be going back to our students.”

Resources from Learning Event

Learn Schoolyard Ecology Workshop Materials from 7/18/16 Learning Event:

Carla Ramsdell's Renewable Energy Workshop Powerpoints from 7/18/16 Learning Event:


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