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2016 NC Solar Schools Challenge

Inspire a generation of leaders and problem solvers through engaging classroom activities and creative contests exploring solar power. Bring STEM education to life with short in-class activities and earn digital badges and show off what your classes learn!

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Reading Riding and Retrofit Program Improves Sustainability in Schools

Watch the sustainability in action video by the U.S. EPA.

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West Marion Elementary G.O.A.L.!

GOAL is a program that allows K-6 students to conduct science experiments, explorations and investigations through environmental and physical science. West Marion Elementary School is located in the Appalachian foothills and surrounded by an ecological environment and offers unique paths to learning.  Students have limited direct experience with the outdoors. The program strives to reverse this trend by introducing students to their natural habitat. 

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5 Asheville City Schools Start Composting

Kids at Hall Fletcher Elementary and four other elementary schools learned quickly that their lunch leftovers could help feed the school garden rather than fill up the county landfill.

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Watauga County High School Wind for Schools

Located just minutes from the Wind Application Center, the Watauga High School wind turbine was the 7th installed in North Carolina in 2011 through Wind for Schools.  On December 14th, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held with Boone mayor Loretta Clawson, students from Miss Chestnut and Ms. Sheets' classes, representitives from Sundance Power Systems, Watauga High and Wind Application Center staff in attendance.  

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