Healthy Schools


Outdoor Learning Labs and Spaces

Schoolyard enhancements maximize the students' opportunity to interact with nature and to understand the wonder and science within the world around them.

Outdoor Learning Ideas and Resources


Habitat Improvements and Restoration

Areas of the school grounds and/or nearby community are managed to enhance ecological integrity that has been diminished by human activity.

Habitat Ideas & Resources


School Gardens and Farm Connections

Gardens and farming relationships are developed to connect students with an understanding of and appreciation for where food and flowers comes from. 

School Gardens Ideas and Resources


Air Quality

The indoor air quality of the school is an important factor in the health and well-being of all occupants.

Air Quality Ideas and Resources


Whole Nutrition

Developing good habits of nutrition is a fundamental life skill that schools can help build and support.

Whole Nutrition Ideas & Resources


Health and Fitness

High standards for nutrition, fitness and outdoor quality time have a positive impact on the health of the students.

Health & Fitness Ideas and Resources