Habitat Restoration Ideas and Resources

Areas of the school grounds and/or nearby community are managed to enhance ecological integrity that has been diminished by human activity.


  1. Although the built environment is the primary landscape feature, some effort has been made to increase green space.
  2. Native plantings around the school flag pole offer an example of the beauty of xeriscaping.
  3. Some school grounds and /or local habitats are inventoried and enhanced.
  4. Students begin researching the ecological history of their campus.
  5. Students plant, maintain and monitor a butterfly or other native plant garden.
  6. Small scale habitat projects are ongoing that emphasize native and migratory species and ecosystems.
  7. Significant effort is made to plan for larger habitat improvement projects on the campus or within the community,
  8. Schools work with local community to tie school grounds efforts to other land and habitat conservation projects.
  9. School grounds are a thriving habitat with plants and animal visitors monitored and identified by students,
  10. Students participate in restoration projects through partnerships with community.