Campaign for Clean Air SponsorsCenter for the Environment will host FREE workshops aimed at facilitating discussion among individuals of various faiths who share an interest in environmental stewardship, allowing them to learn from each other and empowering them to make changes in their respective communities. Upcoming FREE events will be announced soon and are open to all who are interested! Note: A small donation of $5 would be much appreciated to offset the cost of refreshments.

The workshops will include a Focus Group session. These sessions have been designed for members to come together, explore, and discuss the topics.  The March 14 workshop included a presentation on utilizing the Campaign for Clean Air website. Learn how to plan and implement programs and initiatives for your community. We offer unique and fun ways to get everyone involved in sustainability efforts.

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Additionally, this workshop will mark the start of a lasting support network of and for faith communities that are interested in environmental stewardship. All attendees will be given a list of current environmental efforts in the other attending congregations, with corresponding contact information, as well as an “Environmental Stewardship Manual” that has been developed by the Center for the Environment. This manual highlights actions that congregations can take to become better environmental stewards, and lists resources that can help them take those actions.

If you cannot attend this workshop, but are interested in participating in similar future events, or would like to add your name to our Faith & Environment email list, please contact