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04/18/13 (Thursday)
04/13/13 (Saturday)

Children who are fascinated by reptiles and amphibians will have an opportunity to learn about North Carolina’s cold-blooded creatures on Saturday, April 13, on the Catawba College campus.

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04/09/13 (Tuesday)

Dr. John Peterson Myers, a scientist who is actively involved in primary research on the impacts of endocrine disruption on human health, will speak on “Endocrine Disruption: A Global Threat to Health” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 9, at the Center for the Environment facility on the Catawba College campus.

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03/21/13 (Thursday)

The Center for the Environment and Bread Riot will host a screening of “GROW!” on Thursday, March 21, at the Center facility on the Catawba College campus.

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Videos of Past Events

Environmental Partners - Designing a Sustainable Future

The facility that houses the Center for the Environment at Catawba College was one of the first "green" buildings constructed in the state. The Center wanted to lead by example, encouraging others to use environmentally friendly products and practices in the construction of new facilities. Watch the story of how the Center facility was built.

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Video - Peter Forbes: Community-based Conservation

Peter Forbes, in his years as a conservationist, has learned that the work is all about relationship building. He has also learned that those who are interested in conservation and those who are interested in social justice must work together to solve the planet’s problems. Forbes, co-founder of the Vermont-based Center for Whole Communities, emphasized in his remarks at Catawba College that people and the land are tied together, and what affects one affects the other.

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