Solar Now and in the Future


Sustainable energy leader Ivan Urlaub will discuss the future of solar power Thursday, November 15 at the Center for the Environment building on Catawba College's campus in Salisbury. 

Urlaub is the executive director at the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, a non-profit which seeks to create opportunities for sustainable energy jobs and industry. During his presentation, Urlaub will map out the historical impacts of state policy on the solar industry, as well as the industry's future in North Carolina. 

"Ivan has been and continues to be a strong force for clean energy," Dr. John Wear, executive director of the Center for the Environment, said. "His passionate and innovative approach has been a critical factor to making North Carolina a leader in solar energy in the Southeast. One pillar to his approach is to cultivate collaboration across industry, including those with like-minded or opposing opinions."

As xecutive Director at the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association, Urlaub helps grow solar and sustainable energy sources in North Carolina by using unique and collaborative approaches to build partnerships, tweak business models, and to help the market develop. All of Urlaub's work is guided by a systemic and incremental strategic vision, which helps align the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association with the needs of consumers, the clean energy industry, utility companies, and the government.

"Urlaub's presence at our Center for the Environment is another reminder of the importance of community support for a brighter future," Wear said. "Our Center for the Environment at Catawba College is a prime example of how individuals from all walks of life, from students to entrepreneurs, can take a common dream and turn it into a reality. We can do the same with clean energy and share the benefits for generations to come."

Urlaub received undergraduate degrees in political science and environmental studies from George Washington University, and holds two master's degrees from Duke University -- a masters of public policy and a masters of environmental management. He is also a board member for Earth Share N.C., the founder of the N.C. Clean Energy Business Alliance, serves on the Three Zeros Advisory Board at UNC-Chapel Hill, is an original lab team member of the Rocky Mountain Institutes’ National Electricity Innovations Laboratory (e-Lab), has been recognized by the Charlotte Business Journal as a 2015 Energy Leader for North Carolina, and received the North Carolina Business Council's 2017 Visionary Leadership in Climate Change Award. 

Urlaub’s speech is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. in Room 300 of the Center for the Environment facility. The presentation is free and open to the public but registration is required. 


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