Gas Cap Check in Concord during Live It Up Cabarrus


The Center for the Environment will offer a free Gas Cap Check Saturday, April 2, during Live It Up Cabarrus festivities, an annual event to encourage healthy living and to strengthen ties to nutritious, locally produced food.  The event will be held from 2-5 p.m. at Frank Liske Park in Concord.

Center staff and volunteers will be available to test vehicle gas caps and replace leaking caps free of charge. The event is a service of the Center’s Campaign for Clean Air, which is designed to educate citizens in the community and region and empower them to take action to address the air quality issues the region faces.

The American Lung Association has ranked the Charlotte-Gastonia-Salisbury metropolitan area, which includes Cabarrus County, 10th in the nation for the most ozone-polluted cities. Ozone impacts people’s health, particularly children, the elderly, individuals with lung disease, like asthma or chronic bronchitis, and those who work or exercise outdoors.

Statistics reveal that 30 gallons of gasoline and about 200 pounds of evaporative emissions can be released every year from one leaking gas cap. This not only contributes to air pollution; it also wastes fuel.

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