Gas Cap and Tire Pressure Check


Hit a home run for Clean Air!

  • Each day, the gasoline being wasted because of broken gas caps and under-inflated tires is 16 times the amount lost in BP oil spill.*
  • A leaking gas cap can cost you on average $80 and 200 pounds of pollution per year.
  • Under inflated tires can cost you another $150 and up to 400 pounds of pollution per year
  • Soft tires and leaking gas caps cost our families over $16 Billion dollars per year

If everyone in the United States inflated their tires correctly and had tight gas caps, we would save between 16 and 17 million gallons of gasoline per day.


Our county is within the area ranked 10th WORST in the U.S. for health risks from air pollution


Help improve the air we breathe

Join us next Friday June 25, from 4-7 pm at the Kannapolis Intimidators Stadium for:
-a gas cap check with a free replacement if needed
-an emissions test
-a tire pressure check
-$2 off tickets to see the Intimidators play the GreenJackets


Fleets are welcome to this free service. Free tire pressure gauges will be given to the first 200 cars tested. Hybrid cars on display. Fireworks will follow.




2. Dick Plano, Professor of Physics emeritus, Rutgers Univeristy

3. Mecklenburg County North Carolina Gas Cap replacement project

4. US Federal Highway Administration, Highways Statistics, annual. 


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