Partnership with Catawba College

Catawba and Sustainability
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The Center for the Environment works closely with the Environmental Program at Catawba College to offer students a wealth of opportunities beyond the classroom. This value-added education includes everything from field trips and professional conferences to internships and opportunities to teach members of the community about topics of special interest.

The Center brings renowned speakers to the campus, offering students a rare chance to interact with these respected environmental professionals. It also arranges opportunities for students to engage in campus projects that positively impact the environment. These real-world experiences offer a breadth of study typically found only at a large university. Consequently, Catawba students receive the best of both worlds: the breadth of a large university and the personalized education of a small college – an extraordinary combination.

Read the Environmental Steward

tl_files/cfte/images/Newsletter Covers/2014-Environmental_Steward_Email_Newsletter.jpgRead the Environmental Steward from the Center for the Environment.

Environmental Majors

tl_files/cfte/images/Students in Action/students_outside_center.jpgCatawba College offers four environmental degrees: environmental science, environmental studies, environmental education, sustainable business and community development.

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Catawba is Greening its Campus

Catawba College has taken multiple steps to make the campus more environmentally friendly. In 2004, students in the environmental club, NatureSAFE, revived campus recycling. Later, students in the Environmental Program launched a Campus Greening Initiative that spawned energy and water-efficient measures as well as improvements in waste reduction.

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