Environmental Majors

Environmental Science:

This major is designed for students who are interested in studying the natural environment, environmental problems and solutions to these problems from a science-centered perspective. The program offers a strong interdisciplinary science core but allows students to customize their course of study with electives. Graduates often seek further study in graduate programs (typically M.S. or Ph.D.) or employment with agencies involved with research and management of natural resources. (Click for Major Requirements)

Environmental Studies:

This major is well suited to students who want to address environmental issues from a policy, planning, management or educational perspective. The program includes a large block of electives, which enables students to tailor their major to their career goals. Graduates often pursue further study in professional graduate programs, like environmental law or environmental management, or employment with agencies or organizations involved with such things as land use planning, environmental policy or outdoor education.(Click for Major Requirements)

Environmental Education:

This major targets students who are interested in an education-oriented career. The program allows for completion of a minor in Secondary Education and student teaching to facilitate teacher licensure in North Carolina. However, some students may choose to forego licensure for a career in environmental education outside of the public school classroom, such as outdoor education programs offered by many municipal and state agencies.(Click for Major Requirements)

Sustainable Business & Community Development:

This program, which partners with the Ketner School of Business, includes a dual core of science and business courses. Rare among environmental programs, this major is designed for students who want to be business professionals who take a “green” approach in business practices such as management, planning or product development. (Click for Major Requirements)