Dr. Cyndi Wittum

tl_files/cfte/images/Youth Summit/faculty_bios/wittum.jpgLecturer in Communication Arts

M.A., Southern Methodist University; B.A., North Carolina State University; Over 20 years as Freelance Newspaper, Magazine and Internet Writer; Freelance Writer for SAS Software (Cary, NC).

Wittum has been writing professionally for over thirty years and has been publishing online for about fourteen years. She owns her own blogs and web sites as well as freelancing with major corporations. “I take a few projects each year to stay in the loop and on top of what’s going on in the world of online media,” says Wittum.

Journalism, new media, online publication, blogging and public speaking are Wittum’s key areas as a faculty member at Catawba College. She is also the advisor of the student campus newspaper, The Pioneer, and advisor for the Communication honor society, Lambda Pi Eta.

“I know the young people of today have great ideas and lots to say and share in various ways,” says Wittum. “My mission or calling in life is to help students (who often have better technical skills than someone from my generation) channel that energy and package messages so that the world hears the roar of enthusiasm, unique ideas, and understand that this is a collective effort that requires that we all work together for the greater good. We share this planet, and it is critical that we value, care about, and preserve our resources so that those who follow inherit an environment superior to the one that has been taken for granted and unfortunately damaged for generations.”